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_ i fell for that shaqqy hair ! _ [entries|friends|calendar]
X0X ryan sheckler <3

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(1 peoplethat shaggy hair)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY too MEE ! [24 Mar 2007|09:52am]
[ mood | cold ]

hey wats up yeah i havent been up-dating cos ive been bissyyyy hhaaa um wel todays my b-day last nite i got my surf board =]n today everyone said happy birthday to me i feel lovedd =] ha yeah im ganna go il update way laterr

ps- my lockers soo awesome thanks to sarah-low n cheyenne thanks for the
birthday stuff whoot

14 - never felt soo sweet

(that shaggy hair)

IDk.... <3 [20 Mar 2007|11:55am]
[ mood | confused ]

humm well i had the bestt weekend everr on friday i went to the skate park with amanda n sum 12 year old was flirting withh mee hahahhaaa thenn i went to the west dance n hung out wit deja n maleja thier sooo effing cool but i thought the skate park was awesome on fridayyy =]

saterdayy- trook a shower then skatepark with mandi and amanda haha the easter egg hunt was at the park so mandi danced with the bunny n me n amanda did the cha-cha- sliddee haha it was the best then i ment soome cool kids like talon and jutin n andrew n joe and other cool kidss =] and we oder a pizza n it took foreverr n the skater got kiked out of the parkk ha .. yeah then i went to see the RING 2 '' scary shizitt thierr
me n alex couldnt stop screamingg haha yeah

today sunday* - went out to eat breakfast thenn i went to ron jon and thier was 2 hot skater kids thier they smileddd at mee =O yeah n i found the surf board im geting its a lost boardd its purdyy yeah i had funn and my brithdays in 4 days hekk yesss

coment - x0O brittany ann

(that shaggy hair)

schooling it up.. like whoaaa [11 Mar 2007|11:18am]
[ mood | cold ]

heyy wats up im in scool now.. (techh ) like whoa lol humm yea n im leavingg realy soon i love half days ha it was by far the funniest day of testing ! jim roks soo much ha we played cards n we played b.s it was funny and then i went to reading n then we played cardss againn !! sweet huh ?!? yeahh so hum tonite im proble goign to the movies with sarah-low andd mabie cheyenne can com whoo noes =] umm yea ohh yeahh n thier one week and a day till my birthdayy whoott yaya cant wait lol ha well im ganna go ill update tomarow or in a week haha lol um k out like whoaa xox

<3 .. brittany ann


(that shaggy hair)

[09 Mar 2007|06:52am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

whoa its like 6;53 and west has a 90 min delay ohh baby haha eben tho i hate snow its all good ha yea and i get out at 12 cos testingg lol yeaaa today should be funn well im ganna go il update layter

xox - brittany ann

comentt !

(2 peoplethat shaggy hair)

TECH CLASS =] [01 Feb 2007|09:53am]
[ mood | busy ]

heyy wats up nadda herr '` im in school ritee noww n so far its been pretty funny `ha yeaa i missed all of math n part of science because my cycle went to see ''FAMe'' pretty sweet huh ?! ha me n deja got in trublee alot ha we couldnt help it it was soo funny =] jenna wass soo good ya !
major props ha yeaa lol im soo bored at least i also missed gym clas yaa ! happy about that but they didnt do anything anyways =p well im ganna go because i have to do summ homeworkk that i didnt doo last nitee =] okayy out like wh0aa


(7 peoplethat shaggy hair)

thanks melissa [17 Jan 2007|12:04pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

heyy watss up nadda heree i would just like to sayy thank youu melissa '`
yourr the best of the best yaya okay yea i got sik of looking at shecky but i stil love himm <3 yeaa so humm my nEw favoritee band would havee HEll0G0ODBYE thIER s0 AweS0mEE <3 n THIEr All fRuM huningt0n yaya wat a kwinky dink ha im going thier inn marchh yeaa i cant wait til californiaa its ganna be the shizit =] yea soo hum friday i went out wit the lovely family fun fun ;] yea so we got bak aroundd 10;30 ish n i was tierd so i went to sleep yea latly iv been very tierdss idkk y mabie its cuz evrry morning i get up at 5;30 ish n pik up sarahlow n go to skewl erle for helpp in mathh class yea fun i noee okay saterday was okay cusins camee over n slept over n sunday cusins were over n today is mondayy n its goign okay i gess i havent talked to steve <|3 n rite now im cunfuseed so idkk yea okay idk who to believee any moree okay yea ytea so i might go to t0MS rIVER soUTH boyS gAMe t0DAY cuz my sisterrs cheering thier too ha yea go freshman ha yeaa i cant wait till southh yep ha it shoudl be funn okay yeaa il fill youu in laterrr
<3 - BRItTANy AnN '`'`

t0 mAiL mY HEART T0O YOU <3
lUCk Wit DePArT -- hEll0G0ODbYE

x0Oo BRITTANY ANd StEVE 1.4.o5 x0Oo

(that shaggy hair)

i l0VE hiM <333 [13 Jan 2007|07:55pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Which boy star will you end up with? by icesparkle00
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hey hey wh0a um today was so random ha in reading at the end of the day it was by far the best we went to the iMC yep were kewl n ha i saw cailin <3 n hum yea i went on my _ my spacee thingyy n posted a new coment on matts yep matts way to kewl yea so humm i listind to music in sted of doing work my teacher was like watching me n she like was like ha thats not wat ur sopose to do but oh wel n she sat next to me n we looked at pictures of matt frum california haha yea soo humm yea that was about it oh n found out good n bad news bad news taste of the cha0s is S0LD oUT DAMIT gurrrr n tommys going uh n0t fair okayy yea good news is im going to california in march yaya i need to get out of new jersey s0 badd yea california in march ha same mounth as me sarah n melissas n coreys birthday n im geting lots of things for my birthday i noe half of them yaya wel im ganan go the 0C is on byeeee x0OOO il up date laterrr


(3 peoplethat shaggy hair)

HAPPY BiRTHDAY DAY EMILYY [10 Jan 2007|03:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

heyy wats up nadda here today was boring n sik im not sayign y it just wasss
just relee sik god jim like uh god hes way to sik hes so funy thoo ha wh0a okay hum yea so today was okay i didnt do any thin like on saterday or sunday just went places wit family n friday i went to the movies oh yeaa me n sarah low r kewl like thtat haha yea sarah got like a new hair cut she looks difrent it loks good n so dose cheyenne i love cheyenne yea so skewl was okay tomarow i have to dress upp like a jellyfishh haha ?~!?! its for a project ha it should be funy ha people ahve to ges wat i am lol yeaa im a kewl lil jellyfish ha yea so in lifeee skils me n deja like talked n got intruble n daquan slaped my ass said deja im like yea sure n like it was dejaas ass he rele slaped but yea so daquan slaped my as yes im one of the many few that hapins to haha yea lol deja lol yea deja freacked out kuz zal bumped into mee ha lol yesm yea so humm world geo was okay we talked about babys n mommys haha n it was like wh0a n reading was okay jim was stil being gayy ha but hes funy n on the way out jim was like sayign sumtin releee gros i wa slike ew im ganna ew yea it was gay n skewl is just gay altogherrr so yea OMG HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAYY EMILY n JOSH P YYAYAYAYAYA who0t lol okayy im outt like wh0aa

[[[[[[[ i l0VE youu stevee <33 ))))))))


(that shaggy hair)

im loved by only the BEST <33 [04 Jan 2007|09:46pm]
[ mood | cold ]

HEy WAts Up nAda here well today was okayy it was funy in gym clas n the rest of the day was blah boring ha yes iM s000 l0VED BY mANY pE0PLE hA i love them al too lol

MATT : Baby i love u
MATt: Baby i love u
hA hE wrote it 2 times to mee <3

yesmm so lovedd ha deja gose up to me in the locker room dAm ur tan n she kept going wh0a ur tan im like im not that tan ha n shes like wh0a nasty ha me n hur n tom found rele nasty words in reading class haha it was funy al at the sam time

volcom 0x stone: um im tlakng to the kewlest kid his name is stevee *** n i <3 him

PAinTBaLL3615: Awww
PAinTBaLL3615: He loves u too
volcom 0x stone: yea i noe i <3 himm

ha im so stupid lol but yet so lovedd

yea i just watched another kid thats kewl that loves me hes frum texas his name is tyler ha i watched his skate video its kewler then most kids i noee ha tylers awes0meee <2


(that shaggy hair)

wh0aa partyy who0t ... happy new yearr [01 Jan 2007|11:11am]
[ mood | crazy ]

heyy wats up nadda here , HAPPy NEW YEArr <3

THuRSDAy _ talked to the kewlest kids ever ha i love them s0o muchh <3 yea i talked to mel ha we have the werdest convos ha yes we do n might i say i l0ve your hair hah okay yesm so i talked to lauryn to ha i love lauryn way to much ha i showed hur pictures of california that matt sent me ha its so pretty thierr ha yes i cant wait for summer me n lauryn n cheyenne r ganan go thier yea were kewl like that ha so hum i talked to matt the hole day yes hes kewl like that i love that kid hes so cute he took pictures just for me oh yes im soo lovedd yea so wen i go to california im def. ganna go see him <3 yea n then i stayed p n talked t0o cheyenner yesm partyy ha we were looking at hot guys haha lmao n that was about it ha

FRIDAy _ talked to matt n talked to lauryn a lil n talked to melissa n of corse i talked to chyennerr tehe around 5;3o i left for cheyennes we had the awesomest time everr haha we talked online n listins to toms demo tape he gave me ha n we also talked to tylerr frum texas ha yeaa were kewl like that n then we invited tyler into a chat room wich was me n mike n sum other kids n tyler was the only kid frum texas haha but tylers soo awesomee ha i wish he lived here yesm so me n chyenner talked to him n mike n mikey n matt , ha i ate dinner over their wh0a it was funy i couldnt stop laughing ha like cheyennes bro said tots n i was like wh0a that reminds me of DynAmiTE haha n he gose yeaa i was thinking that to ha it was funny cuz frum then on i could only think of that moviee ha it was funny =] ha n then cheyenne re strightin my hair even tho it was alrede straight ha i love the smell of burnt hair ha lmao cheyenne that was funy then me n cheynne watched mtv yea were kewl like that ha cheyenne just started puting mak up on me ha that was funy n then we watched like jimmy eat world play n green day n it was kewl n then we counted down n we piked up our soda cans n had a tost haha n we danced like we never danced before we were busting moves hel yeaa hahah then we watched GRiND ' with ryan sheckler in it yayaya ha it was a great night i didnt sleep but oh wel haha okay out like wh0aa xo0

xO0 brittany ann

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